Elena Short Film Auditions

Elena Short Film Auditions

About the film:

A woman escapes the trafficking ring but is unable to recall who she is. With the help of a rehabilitation center she reclaims her memory and her life.

Based on five true stories of women who escaped human trafficking.

Distribution: Film festivals, Streaming, and school teaching tool to raise awareness for human trafficking. Profits will go 50/50 to Wellspring Living (ATL) and Remember NHU.
Producer: Acting United Inc. in association with Brooke Butterworth
Writer: Brooke Butterworth
Director: Griffin Watson
Casting (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) *NEW Short film* Looking for ALL ROLES BELOW (age 8-80) ALL ETHNICITIES
Dates: 18-20th, 25th-27th of MARCH 2022.
Deadline for auditions: January 25th.
Callbacks: January 29th-30th (over Zoom)
(Filming)Rate: $100 per day or $50 for half day for each named character below..


Below is the link to Google drive files with each character's sides. Any questions? Email actingunited@gmail.com


(Read carefully! Failure to follow instructions may result in your video not being submitted to the director. MAKE SURE SLATES AND AUDITIONS ARE SUBMITTED AS TWO SEPERATE VIDEOS.)
This is a CLOSED audition before January 9. These sides are not to be shared with anyone else.
Do not share your audition video on social media (if you really wanted to then do it without audio and only with audio in year 2023 after film premieres.)
  • If auditioning with a phone, do not send in vertical videos. Vertical videos will not be watched or submitted to the director. Likewise, any videos with blurry images or unclear audio will not be submitted.
  • Please use plain backgrounds only.
  • Use a reader for speaking to anyone in your scene. Do not have your reader speak louder than you are speaking in the scene.
SLATE: State name, height, location, willing to work local to Atlanta, and if you are available for shoot dates. Zoom or cut to full body shot.
Please submit one Audition video and one Slate video. Sides are in google link: https://drive.google.com/.../1QPjZlepjOK7X1Fl0cXcoaoVhLB9...
  1. Use only two takes for each scene.
  2. Cut between each scene
  3. Please use proper film auditions technique.
  4. Submit all takes, in order, as ONE video.
  5. Submit slate separately.


  1. Send your two videos by email
  2.  Subject line should say "ELENA FILM AUDITION" to actingunited@gmail.com
3. Make sure your video's are named according to instructions above.
4. To send, you can also do this through GOOGLE DRIVE to send your video.
5. Video must be in MOV. or MP4 format.
All of these instructions should mean we will only receive two videos from you (one audition video and one slate). Failure to follow these instructions will result in your video not being viewed or submitted.
SHOOT DATES: 18-20th, 25th-27th of MARCH 2022.
Hiring local only.
***Actors cast as VANYA and ELENA must be willing to tour the rehabilitation center for trafficking victims in Atlanta with our director and producer sometime on a weekend in February. There they will meet a real life version of the character they are playing who is now on rehabilitation staff. They must be willing to do this and sign the rehabiliation center's NDA for the tour.
PAY: $100 per day or $50 for half day for each named character below.


Each role is available to All ethnicities ! We are looking for a diverse cast.

Police Officer #1 male

  • experienced cop but hardened to the point of ignorance. Rough shell but cares about the good of others underneath it all .

Police officer #2 female

  • newbie cop who wants to do a great job but hasn’t had enough experience to be annoyed yet with the BS that sometimes comes along with the job.

Elena's Father

  • In fathers scene he is going through heavy withdrawal symptoms and is feeding his addiction by selling his daughter.

Lobby scene Father (preferably looking for real fathers with a young girl- if you are a real father of a girl who can play the lost lobby child then please audition with your child)

  • a trustworthy family member of a rehabilitation staff member. Loses his child while visiting the center briefly while talking to staff in the lobby. Is grateful when he receives help finding his child. The very symbol of a loving Dad.

Vanya (lead) 30+ female

Shoot Days: 5-6 days
  • Head of rehabilitation center. Has seen and heard it all. A leader in inner strength and healing. Is helping other women recover from traumatic situations into recovery. She’s been through it herself and came out the other side with a life goal to care for others the same way she was or better. -Will need to be available in February for tour of a real rehabilitation center & speak with a real survivor on their staff. This will be a half day in Atlanta, great opportunity for character development and unpaid.

Elena female (lead) 18-35

Shoot Days: 5-6 days
  • A woman who’s been sold into sex slavery and heavily manipulated into becoming a trafficker herself until she has a miraculous wake up call one day where our story begins. The actor who portrays this character must have experience with heavy emotional and vulnerable scenes. We need someone who can portray absolute depravity and carry the story to the end into a place of healing from all the trauma that Elena‘s been through. Please show this character’s emotional/ psychological change in your audition to be considered for the part. (Please send two takes of each scene). Will need to be available in Atlanta for one half day in February for tour of a real rehabilitation center & speak with a real survivor on their staff - this tour will not be a paid experience. This will be a great opportunity for character development and unpaid.

Josh (male) 25-60

  • rehabilitation employee who is hired to be a barrier from any physical harm that may happen to the centers trauma survivors on “field trips” & guards them. Josh is a character that must be able to be a symbol of what a good man can be for the trafficking survivors who are in the rehabilitation center that have otherwise had only unhealthy or traumatic experiences with men. He has a calming professional presence but it is obvious from his appearance that he would spring into “protector” mode and hold his own in any physical altercation.

Young Elena (must appear to be anywhere within this age range 6-10)

Shooting days : 1-2
  • this character is extremely important for the film and these scenes will be the toughest for audience members but we assure parents that we can make it easy for the young actress. Parents must be present on set at all times while filming these scenes. These scenes are important to spread awareness for human trafficking and show the truth of what happens. We will not have any sexual scenes but it will be implied that the child is a sex trafficking victim.
- Elena is torn away from her father at an early age. Is taught to be suspicious of anyone carrying a Bible or trying to help her out of “the life” .
- One scene requires young Elena to be hit by a trafficker. (This Violent scene will have a body double if needed.)
- In other scenes Elena is kept captive by traffickers. Child may need to appear dirty and be chained.
- Our young actress must have a professional on set demeanor and a parent present at all times on set.
- Young actress must be comfortable expressing fear/pain, being tied to a chair or wall, and yelling.

Lost child female

Day needed: half day
  • young actress is lost just a little ways away from her father and trusts Elena without any prior engagement, asks Elena to help her find her Dad. When she is reunited with her dad, she is happy and is comforted in the loving presence of her father. (Parent must be present on set at all times and child must be comfortable being held by an actor unless the father in the scene is their real parent. )

Trafficked child female

Day needed: half day
  • is being taken to a different location by a female trafficker. Yelling for her mom. Is released and runs away. Parent must be present on set and child must be comfortable yelling and expressing either sadness or fear.


  • kidnapping survivor who is experiencing release, protection, and healing at the rehabilitation center. She is also a source of childlike joy. She has not experienced much of the outside world. She is open, trusting, and loves new things.


  • Survivor of a gruesome kidnapping. She starts to open up about this in her scene.

Tiffany (18-25)

  • It is her first day at the center. She is jaded by the world and mistrusting of Elena.


  • uses his status to cover up his addiction and the income to pay for young girls and keeps them in his basement.

Trafficker (male) 

Shoot days: 1-2 days
  • Master manipulator. Thinks of himself as a business man of the underground market. Has years of experience using manipulation and fear to get girls to do work for him or to mistrust anyone who may help the girls when they are in public or away from him. Sells humans.


Thank you for your bravery actors and break a leg!

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