About Us

About Us

Acting United is dedicated to helping the artist community create stories of redemption and hope. We are located in Atlanta Georgia. Our mission is to transform the world for the better through story telling. This would include: creating new works to shed light on social issues, giving support to artists creating hopeful art, and giving funds to nonprofit organizations and individuals helping those in need. The individuals we would grant art funds to are particular. These individuals will be: Those who's art advocates for marginalized peoples, share hopeful stories even through broken people, who's art tells stories of redemption, and those who dedicate their craft to selfless excellence.



The Nonprofit Directors of Acting United Inc. 

President and Founder 

Brooke Butterworth

 My biggest hope is to build a community of like-minded artists searching to build the world up better than we found it. We hope to Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves or trying to find a voice, and do it all through creating excellent art. I hope we can be allies for hundreds of artists and help them leave behind a legacy of positive change.

Board Members

Gabriel Chandler

The Film Team

Who is making the first company film for trafficking awareness?

Hi I'm Brooke Butterworth writer and Producer of over 50 short films and an experienced actress. After directing over 10 short films I went to film school in 2013 and graduated in 2017 with a bachelors in Film/filmmaking. For several years now I have been creating and editing films, commercials, and short films. I researched for this project for over 6 years (interviewing, transcribing, researching studies and studying human lives) and I've been writing it for about three years now. Most recently in 2020, I directed a documentary about a big jazz band in Asheville premiering 2022/2023. Together with Griffin Watson, our talented and dedicated film's director, we created a team of hardworking individuals to make this film.


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